Friday, January 06, 2006

More from the End of the Spear

I wanted to post one of my favorite sections from the book thus far. This is from Steve Saint right after he had been told in detail how and why his father and four other men had been killed, and he knows it is a true account because those that did the killing 40 years ago were now the ones telling him how it happened.

"One of the men could have climbed up into the tree house and called from there on the extra radio to let the world know what was happening. Dad could have gotten into the plane and taken off. Kimo, Dyuwi, and Mincaye could have run away like they started to do. What if the only beach in all six thousand square miles of Waodani territory had not been near a Waodani village and right on a commonly used hunting trail? The Waodani probably would never have found dad and his friends. What if Nenkiwi and Nampa had not been feuding? What if it had not been January when Gikita was expecting a rate from the downriver part of tribe? It is unlikely he would have been willing to risk their once-in-a-lifetime no there once in all-time chance for friendly contact with the outside world, just to keep Nampa and Nenkiwi from spearing the other one.
There are too many factors that all had to work together to have allowed the events to happen as they did. Too many for me to believe it was just chance. I have come to the conclusion that God did not look away. He did not simply allow this to happen. I think he planned it. Though this has not been an easy conclusion to come to, I believe it is the right one.
I have personally paid a high price for what happened on Palm Beach. But I have also had a front row seat as the rest of the story has been unfolding for half a century I have seen firsthand that much good has come from it. I believe only God could have fashioned such an incredible story from such a tragic event.
I could not begin to record of the thousands of people who have told me that God used what happened on Palm Beach to change the course of their lives for good. Besides, it is enough for me that because Mincaye killed my father, my family now has the privilege of loving him and being loved by him. And because my dad and Jim and Ed and Pete and Roger were willing to die, Kimo and Dyuwi and Gikita and Wmpodae and Tementa and Gaba and Odae and Tidi and Dawa and Cawaena and Coba and Gaacamo and their children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren and many others will have a chance to live. If I could go back now and we rewrite the script, I would not change a single scene. I have come to understand that life is too complex and much too short to let amateurs direct the story. I would rather let the Master Storyteller do the writing. I don't say that casually. What happened to dad was extremely traumatic for me, but even so it has not been the most difficult a event in my life."


At 1/06/2006 9:12 AM, Blogger stephen said...

Amazing. For him to say that now after his dad was killed by naked savages, he really know whats up. I am in the middle of the book right now. I think it is great because it is basically a continuation of the story through the eyes of Steve Saint. Great book.


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