Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another quote from Steve Saint

Steve speaking of his aunt Rachel shortly after her death. She had spent 30 years living with and helping the Waodani.

"She knew what I have just recently begun to realize: God doesn't need us to do His work, or He wouldn't be omnipotent. He wants our love and a relationship with us. It is about "being," not "doing."


At 1/19/2006 9:37 PM, Blogger Julianne said...

Wow, that is really amazing. This is getting me in the mood for the movie. See you tomorrow!

At 1/21/2006 5:52 PM, Blogger Ana Banana said...

Reading that after seeing that makes the quote so impacting. Our God is omnipotent, He has unlimited power and authority. It sure takes a load off, but we can't be idle at the same time. Just because God is omnipotent it doesn't give a card saying that we don't have to do anything, we just have to know that what is done isn't because of us. makes me take a deep breath and Selah(pause)and thank God. We are truely blessed!

At 1/21/2006 6:03 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Selah, and thank God.... I like that.

At 1/21/2006 6:16 PM, Blogger Ana Banana said...

oooh, you posted back..see that is how you get your posting numbers up! hehe
Yah, Selah, I would like to study that more, it was so important to David in the Psalms. So I will work on that and try and post something soon!


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