Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Mirror of Selfishness

Selfishness is like a mirror. When you’re involved in selfishness, only looking out for your self, doing what you want. That’s like trying to look through a mirror, go ahead try it, try and see through a mirror. The closer you look to try and see through the more you see of your self.

When you’re looking at your self you can’t see past the mirrors you have put around yourself. You won’t be able to see others, so you won’t be able to help any one. To help someone you must first see their needs. More importantly you won’t be following Christ, in order to follow someone you need to be able to see them. And you can’t see Christ if you’re blinding your self with your selfishness.

So push away the mirrors from in front of your eyes. Deny yourself put away your selfishness and pride. Look out for the needs of others and put them before your own.

Although even before that, it’s more important that you look to Christ. Keep your eyes on Jesus that you might follow Him, and not yourself.

Luke 9:23 And He said to all, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and tade up his cross daily and follow me."


At 11/26/2005 3:36 PM, Blogger stephen said...

hey newbie whats up? by the way, Black was written by Ted Dekker. Not Randy Alcorn. Although he does write good fiction. keep posting, eh?

At 11/26/2005 3:36 PM, Blogger stephen said...

you might want to turn on word verification to prevent spam.

At 11/26/2005 4:40 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Thank you I'll need to change that.


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